Crumbl Launches ‘Cookie Journal’ For Fans to Rate and Review Every Flavor That’s Ever Existed

Now it’s even easier to keep track of everyone’s most (and least) loved Crumbl cookies.

April 26, 2023

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Crumbl Cookies

Photo courtesy of Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies has become a cult-favorite phenomenon for its freshly baked cookies that are made in-house each day. Each week, the growing chain’s menu offers six rotating flavors. And if you’ve been a Crumbl fan for a long enough time, you begin to have some favorites – whether it’s the classic pink sugar cookie or the latest cookies and cream milkshake flavor.

With that said, Crumbl is inviting fans to get even more involved in the process by trying out its new ‘Cookie Journal.’ On the Crumbl app, you can now access a ‘Cookie Journal’ via the ‘more’ tab where you can rate and track cookies you’ve tried, share your reviews on new and old flavors and earn rewards.

The journal features every cookie that Crumbl has ever released both from the past and present including the classics and the chilled variations. To find the specific cookie, you simply type in the cookie name and you’ll be directed to the correct page to leave a review.

Since its launch, fans seem to be loving the new feature where they can share their thoughts on their favorite flavors. One reviewer called the new cookies and cream milkshake flavor “the best Oreo flavored cookie yet!” Another added, “perfect cookie to icing ratio.”

In addition to looking at your past reviews and ratings, you can browse other reviews from patrons and like or dislike them based on their taste. You can also view the most-loved and most-hated cookie flavors, and take a peek at the current cookie menu to help plan your next visit to a Crumbl Cookies location near you.

As you work your way through the app, you can unlock rewards and achievements based on frequent visits, favorite flavors and past reviews — and who doesn’t like free cookies?

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