New Doritos Cool Ranch Papadias Are Coming to Papa Johns

They’re a cool, tangy, creative take on the chip and sandwich experience.

April 26, 2023

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Papa Johns

Photo courtesy of Papa Johns

Papa Johns has a cool new item. That’s cool as in “Cool Ranch.” The pizza chain is adding a new Papadia to its lineup of the pizza-sandwich hybrids: The Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia is soon to arrive.

First introduced in 2020, Papa Johns’ Papadias are a hand-held flatbread-style sandwich featuring the chain’s signature fresh pizza crust — sort of a pizza-sandwich mashup — that are inspired by an Italian street food called the “piadina.”

The new, made-to-order Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia — developed in collaboration with PepsiCo Foodservice — can be filled with either chicken, beef, steak or the filling of your choice. The handheld pizza-sandwiches are “toasted to perfection and dusted with bold ranch seasoning,” according to the brand. And they come with a side of extra sauce for dipping.

We got an advance taste of Doritos Cool Ranch Papadias and we found them to be savory, toothsome and seriously delicious. The dusting of Doritos Cool Ranch seasoning gave them a tangy taste, with maybe just a hint of sweetness. Do note, though: You’ll definitely want to grab a few extra napkins. The dust sticks to your fingers, just as it would when you’re eating Doritos. (Or you can lick your fingers when no one’s looking. Up to you!)

“Our partnership with PepsiCo Foodservice allowed us to leverage the bold taste of Doritos Cool Ranch to reimagine a specialty seasoning for the Papadia, which offers new and current consumers the ultimate chip and sandwich experience and gives them a bold taste in every bite, so delicious you’ll wish you had thought of it first,” Kimberly Bean, Papa Johns’ vice president of menu strategy and calendar planning, says in a press statement.

Scott Finlow, chief marketing officer at PepsiCo Foodservice, says the collaboration reflects the company’s commitment to creating “unique and delicious culinary offerings that go beyond the bag.” “We can’t wait to hear how much fans love this twist on the classic Papadia,” he adds.

The Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia, priced at $7.99 will be available exclusively for Papa Rewards loyalty members starting Monday, May 1. Availability will expand nationwide on Thursday, May 4, and will last only for a limited time — through July 23, 2023. So get ‘em while they’re hot … er, cool. Or … both, really.

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