Tour the Sleek and Modern Kitchen from Smart Home 2023

Rich in color and texture, this kitchen is as stylish as it is functional thanks to clever gadgets and lots of storage. Enter twice daily, once on and once on, for your chance to win HGTV Smart Home 2023, a grand-prize package valued at over $2.2 million.

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Joseph Bradshaw

Photo By: Joseph Bradshaw

Photo By: Joseph Bradshaw

Photo By: Joseph Bradshaw

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Laurey Glenn

Take a Tour!

Welcome to the Smart Home 2023! Inspired by its stunning natural surroundings and Santa Fe’s unique architectural charms, interior designer and Smart Home veteran, Tiffany Brooks created a home that’s rich in color and texture, while adding the latest technology and glam accent pieces. It’s a house that’s big enough to entertain in, while still creating a cozy and intimate feel. With storage and smart design to spare, it’s a true desert jewel that pulls out all the stops. Let’s take a look inside!

Enter twice daily, once on and once on, for your chance to win HGTV Smart Home 2023, a grand-prize package valued at over $2.2 million, plus $100,000 cash and an All-New, All-Electric Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan.

A Big Reveal

Meet one of the most covetable features in the modern kitchen — an appliance garage. Exactly what it sounds like, it uses a pull up cabinet front to house a large counter-level cabinet that can hold all of your small appliances. Lift to reveal when you need to, keep counters clutter-free when you don’t.

Storage to Spare

Don’t be fooled by its pretty shape and custom curves, this kitchen island was built for utility too. It houses an inset microwave and plenty of different sized drawers for all of your pots, pans and reusable containers.

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Brooks thought outside the box for this kitchen island, shaking up the typical, square kitchen island in favor of something custom. The rounded edge and fluted end detail help tie the kitchen into the rest of this open concept space and echo similar elements seen in the living and dining room.

The Golden Touch

There’s more to this faucet than its pretty two-tone finish. Its high arched swing spout gives plenty of clearance for large pots and pans. Plus, a special spray setting uses a blade of water to blast away stuck-on food from your dishes.

A Cyber Sous Chef

Nestled amongst pretty open shelving and on top of the range hood, this smart hub is the next generation of dinner prep. Not only can you catch up on your streaming while you cook, it lets you pull up recipes to read. Meaning you don’t need to touch your phone with dirty hands while you’re cooking to see the next step or ingredient.

Don’t Skip The Spice (Drawer)

Keep all your favorite spices close at hand, but protected from heat, in this slide out pantry drawer. Three tiers offer plenty of room for all of your favorites, while the double-sided open storage makes it easy to find what you need quickly. Generous sizing fits a variety of bottle shapes too.

Let the Sunshine In

One of the best tips when you’re painting with dark, moody hues is to make sure you have enough light in your space to bring out all the richness and complexity of the color. While windows are always great, it’s only part of the equation. These skylights bring a little extra brightness to the middle of this large living space.

No Digging Necessary

Less mess and more organization with these pull-out shelves. It allows you to see all of your dishes without having to stack them or dig to the back of the cabinet. We’re in favor of anything that keeps our coffee mug closer to being filled, thank you very much!

Just Suck It Up!

Don’t worry we’re just talking about dirt and dust. Central vac has come a long way — now this tiny port located at the base of your cabinets allows you to sweep kitchen messes right inside. No dust pan, no problem. You don’t even need to bend down!

Pantry Peek

Grabbing ingredients or lesser used appliances is so much easier with an adjacent pantry area. Its smart placement is a quick walk from the stove and helps streamline your cooking space by placing your washer, dryer and a home command station in a separate area that’s still conveniently located.

A Pullout Pantry

Sliding drawers help maximize the utility of this pantry cabinet. Not only is it easier to access all of your food staples and ingredients, it saves you from overbuying since you can easily see what you already have. Smart spacing even makes room for taller items like seltzer or other bottled beverages.

Ice, Ice Baby!

The ultimate luxury is an abundance of perfectly sized cubes of ice at the ready for any drink you want to whip up. This ice maker and blending station makes mixing up a cocktail, iced coffee, or smoothie easy and accessible. Plenty of storage prevents your plethora of ingredients from becoming visual clutter.

The Most Stylish Work Station

When a kitchen design is this complete, there’s no reason to ever leave. Run your entire household from the comfort of this generously-sized pantry. The workstation comes equipped with all the necessary office supplies and scheduling tools. The stackable washer and dryer, plus ample space for treating stains and folding, makes it easy to toss in a load.

A Place to Park Your Boots

It only seems appropriate that a mud room in Santa Fe would be painted in a rich terracotta hue. Located to the left of the pantry, it offers plenty of storage with pull-out drawers and cubbies fit for the whole family. It’s a great place to keep all your outdoor essentials.

Dinner With a View

This modern dining room can be used for a variety of purposes! Who wouldn’t want to eat their meals with their favorite books placed in stylish glass cabinets nearby? Turn your indoor dining experience into an al freso occasion by simply opening the sliding doors.

A Bit of Black

One way to help tie an open concept space together is to repeat colors and shapes between the zones in the room. This dining area’s black woven chairs and thrifted table urns reference the black accents you see in the kitchen like the faucet, windows and chandeliers.

Tie It All Together

A cozy living room that’s full of creamy neutrals and rich textures fits right in with the kitchen in this open concept space. The custom shape of the kitchen island and patterned wall tile give the kitchen a décor-forward feel, tying it in beautifully with the tufted living room furniture and rattan accents.

Pizza, Pizza Patio

OK, so it’s not only for pizza. But this stunning dining area comes with plenty of reasons to make one. Not only is there a grill, but it also features an artisanal pizza oven and enough storage to stash your extra spices, tools and ingredients. Since it’s situated underneath an overhang, it offers protection from the sun and other elements.

Better Than Bottle Service

The roof deck just got a little sweeter thanks to this setup. Brooks incorporated a dumbwaiter into this kitchen design. Load it up with drinks and snacks and send it right up to the roof. No need to schlep it up the stairs and worry about spills or multiple trips.

Room with a View

Definitely one of the most incredible features of this house, a roof deck gives you a breathtaking view of the scenic landscape and distant mountain range. Snuggle up on this sizeable outdoor sectional and watch the sunset with your drink in hand. Thanks to the dumbwaiter, it’s easy to transport drinks for a crowd.