5 Questions for Pat LaFrieda

Food Network Facebook, Twitter and Google+ fans got the chance to ask Pat for his advice on burgers, different cuts of meat and more.
Pat's Meaty Tips

About the Show

Pat LaFrieda Jr., the "Magician of Meat," has revolutionized the burger and meat industry. Running a third-generation wholesale meat-purveyor business in New Jersey with his cranky dad, Pat Sr., and his smooth-talking cousin, Mark Pastore, Pat and his family have built the company into a meat empire. But with big business comes big problems. Whether it's last-minute requests, creating burger blends and menus for new clients, dealing with difficult customers or navigating the personalities of a 500-person work staff, Meat Men takes viewers on a high-"steaks" ride with a side of humor, served medium rare.

About the Host

Patrick "Pat" LaFrieda Jr.

Pat LaFrieda is the CEO of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, one of New York City's most prestigious and most valued meatpacking facilities.