Meet the Bakers on Bake It 'Til You Make It

Meet the seven passionate bakers entering the unique world of competitive baking for a shot at victory.

A Fresh Batch of Bakers

Get to know the bakers entering baking competitions across America, in hopes of earning sweet victories.

Monty Alderman — Wilmington, DE

Monty is a former football player from Delaware, who now brings sweets to the streets. He owns Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks, where he sells his specialty cupcakes. Now, Monty is excited to enter his first competition and to put his name out there.

Lili Clinger — Las Cruces, NM

Lili is a baking hobbyist from New Mexico, and she likes to bake things that will make people happy. She has been baking since she was 18, but she is new to the world of cake competitions. Now, she is ready to enter a competition for the first time.

Maythe Del Angel — San Antonio

Maythe is a sugar artist from Texas and a rising star in the baking world. She has been competing for the past six years, including on Holiday Wars. She is the self-proclaimed queen of realistic cakes and cookies, and she hopes to show her kids that through hard work, you can achieve your dreams.

RaChelle Hubsmith — North Logan, UT

RaChelle is a tax assesor and baker from Utah. She has been baking for 10 years and has competed in over 30 competitions. She dreams that one day, baking will be her full-time career.

Anamaria Morales — Sebastapol, CA

Anamaria is a baker from California and because of her delicious cheesecake flavors, she is also knowns as the "cheesecake queen." Whenever she gets stressed out, she bakes it out. She was able to bake her way through college, and by selling her cheesecakes, she recently graduated debt-free. Now, she looks forward to her first competition.

Kareem Queeman — Washington, D.C.

Kareem has been dazzling customers with his confections for more than a decade. He is the owner of Mr. Bake Sweets, a busy bakery that receives orders from four restaurants weekly. Baking is his passion, and it is important to him, because it allows him to express his creativity.

Sumera Syed — Dallas

Sumera is a nanny and baker from Texas. She would describe herself as energetic, lively and a bit wild. Her desserts reflect her big personality and feature tons of sparkle and glam. Her ultimate goal is to be the best baker in the world.