The Extra Mile

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Dumplings & Steak
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Food Truck Road Trip

Season 15, Episode 7

Close to the Finish Line

The three remaining food trucks meet Tyler Florence at the Grand Prix of Long Beach, Calif., where they must create a dish inspired by a chili cheese Coney dog. One team is awarded an extra hour of selling time, giving them a coveted head start. On day two, the trucks are challenged to create their own riff on a longtime Long Beach favorite -- chicken and waffles. The teams push themselves to the limit in hopes of winning the reward of tripling their sales total, but only one team can win -- and one team must head home.

Apr 18
4am | 3c
Season 15, Episode 8

San Diego Showdown

The final two teams go head-to-head at a San Diego brewery where they must sell a dish based on the other team's signature menu item. After tasting a flight of craft beer, the teams create new specials to sell as a paring to brewery patrons. Next, Tyler Florence and Chef Ruffo Ibarra challenge the trucks to cook with the hottest chilies in the world. Both teams pull out all the stops, but only one team is awarded the $50,000 and crowned winner of the hottest season ever!

Apr 19
4am | 3c

About the Show

The Great Food Truck Race is headed to the Wild West, where host Tyler Florence welcomes seven teams of brand new food truck operators as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Just like the pioneers, they'll be using some of the West's most distinct ingredients in challenges that test their culinary skills. Each week, they'll race across the desert landscape to a new town where they'll face new challenges, cook incredible dishes and, as always, try to outsell the competition. The team that earns the least will have to walk away from the wagon trail, but the two teams that have the grit make it to the end will square off for the $50,000 prize.

About the Host

Tyler Florence

For the past 15 years, Chef Tyler Florence has delighted the masses by sharing the sights, sounds and flavors of his unique culinary vision with fans around the world. After graduating from the prestigious culinary program at Johnson & Wales University, Florence tackled the Big Apple where he helmed multiple acclaimed restaurants and established himself as one of New York City’s finest young stars.