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Can You Freeze Avocado?
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Tamarind Is the Flavor of 2023

Bhutta Bhel

Bhel or bhel puri is a chaat (street food snack) that is all at once crunchy, tart (thanks to tamarind), spicy and a little sweet. This dish is ubiquitous in Mumbai and is often made to order with puffed rice and other ingredients.

One-Pot Mushroom Biryani with Tamarind and Coconut Milk

This mushroom biryani, slow cooked, layered with South Indian spices and garnished with crunchy nuts, is supremely aromatic and a meal unto itself.

Tamarind Pineapple Quencher

Tamarind spiced with coriander is simmered into a rich syrup, making it a true delight in this juicy no-alcohol drink. Fresh pineapple and coconut water add to the tropical cocktail-like vibes. It’s best enjoyed reclining at the beach or just pretending you're at one.

We're All Craving Nostalgic Food

The Nostalgia of Pizza Toast — And Why I Still Love It As an Adult

Here’s what pizza toast meant for me as a child and how I enjoy it now with an adult palate.

Halwa Tastes Like Sweet Nostalgia

As a child, I used to bite my grandmother’s shoulder until I got a fresh batch of halwa. Now, I prepare it every Diwali.

Dirty Shirley

Shirley Temple—the drink, not the actress—gets a shot of vodka for the of-age crowd, but keeps the bright red grenadine and fizzy soda for the kids at heart.

Vanilla Wacky Cake

This 1930s-era cake swaps out the expected milk, butter and eggs—which are expensive—for water, oil and vinegar. And, yet, the cake still comes out fluffy, light and not a bit dry.

Magic Ice Cream

This recipe was born during the mid-1900s when Jell-O was all the rage. Just grab a packet of gelatin—you pick the flavor—mix in some milk, fold in whipped cream and freeze overnight.

Live Fire Cooking Is Everywhere

What Is Live-Fire Cooking? And How to Get Started

We talked to live-fire master Chef Yia Vang to cover all the basics.

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Hmong Food 101
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Recipe Trends to Try

No-Bake Yuzu Cheesecake

Yuzu is an incredibly aromatic citrus fruit from East Asia that tastes like a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. Used in both sweet and savory applications, yuzu makes everything taste more special, and its elegant flavor works beautifully with this creamy and light no-bake cheesecake.

XO Sauce

XO sauce originated in Hong Kong in the 1980s and is usually credited to Spring Moon restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel. It's easy to make and perfect for zhuzhing.

Crab Stick Crackers with Crab Dip

Imitation crab sticks can do more than fill California rolls or kani salad. Here they double as dippers and creamy dip.

Extra-Creamy Cacio e Uova with Grated Egg

In this amped-up version of a classic Neapolitan dish, we add lemon zest for a hit of brightness then top it all off with finely grated hard-boiled eggs (a technique from Tik Tok) to emphasize the beautiful egg flavor and give the dish an unexpected fluffy texture.

Scoopable Green Chopped Salad

Inspired by Melissa Ben-Ishay's (@bakedbymelissa) TikTok viral chopped salad, this vibrant crunchy-creamy dish is a salad, but it’s meant to be scooped up with chips.

Blackstone Breakfast Sandwiches

Take a break from pancakes on the griddle to try these delicious biscuit breakfast sandwiches.

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Mom’s Tteokbokki Udon

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Matcha Mochi Doughnuts

Camping-Style Budae Jjigae

The Latest Food News

Wendy’s Chili Now Comes in a Can

So you can eat it at home as well as in restaurants.

New Doritos Cool Ranch Papadias Are Coming to Papa Johns

They’re a cool, tangy, creative take on the chip and sandwich experience.

Crumbl Launches ‘Cookie Journal’ For Fans to Rate and Review Every Flavor That’s Ever Existed

Now it’s even easier to keep track of everyone’s most (and least) loved Crumbl cookies.

Panda Express and Cult-Favorite Fly By Jing Join Forces On New Menu Item

Spicy Wagyu Beef Dumplings are being tested in Pasadena.

McDonald’s Offering Big Mac Sauce as an ‘Extra Side’

For the first time, the tangy-sweet sauce is being offered apart from the Big Mac.

The British Royal Family Shares Recipe for Coronation Quiche

King Charles’ coronation is expected to begin the morning of May 6.

McDonald’s Is Making Changes to Its Iconic Burgers

It promises the tweaks will make them 'even better.'

Taco Bell Fans Vote the Beefy Crunch Burrito Back to The Chain’s Menu

It bested Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos by a comfortable margin.

Dole Has Cultivated Its ‘Sweetest Pineapple Ever’

We can’t wait to bring it to cookouts.

Topo Chico Launches Line of Canned Cocktails

The collection includes drinks inspired by ranch water, palomas and chiltons.

Starbucks Pink Drink Now Comes in a Bottle

You can toss the fan favorite in your cart on your next grocery run.

Your Can of Pepsi Is About to Look a Little Different

It’s getting a new logo and a "younger" look.

Heinz Brings Heat to Its Ketchup

Will you be adding Heinz Hot Varieties to your summer cookout condiment collection?

Tennessee’s Humble Baron Is Crowned World’s Longest Bar

It’s roughly half the height of the Eiffel Tower.

We Never Thought We’d See Breakfast-Flavored Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles Breakfast features ramen in a sauce that tastes like pancakes, maple syrup, sausage and eggs.

Just Eat the Non-Organic Blueberries – Here’s Why You Should Disregard the ‘Dirty Dozen’

Registered dieticians weigh in on whether pesticide residue should deter you from eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetable …

Please Don’t Eat the Plastic in Fruit Roll-Ups

After several concerning videos, Fruit Roll-Ups felt compelled to release an official warning to TikTokers not to eat the plastic …

Bud Light and Tajín Unexpectedly Collaborate on a Spicy New Beer

What does Bud Light Chelada Tajin Chile Limon taste like?

What Parents Need to Know About the AAP’s New Weight Loss Guidelines for Kids

We asked registered dieticians to break down the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recently released guidelines, which are the first …

At Last, KFC Brings Its Fried Chicken Nuggets Nationwide

The item, which was first tested in 2022, will be available beginning March 27.

Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding Cookies Are Now On Amazon

Made famous by Sex and the City, the shop’s Banana Pudding is taking new form.